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Rusun brand

China manufacturer and global supplier in the field of first aid haemostasis

Rusun Medical Co., Ltd ("Rusun Medical"), is a global leader in the field of first aid haemostasis, integrating brand development, production and sales.

The Group has three main business segments: Tactical Medical, Emergency Medical and Emergency Haemostasis Brand.

Rusun Medical brand

Rusun Medical brand ( for being the world's best bleeding control and emergency hemostasis brand, developing and selling the world's most advanced materials and technologies, providing professional rapid hemostasis products to hospitals, police, military and firefighters with first generation kaolin tactical gauze, second generation zeolite hemostasis Gauze, third generation chitosan gauze, fourth generation carboxymethyl chitosan granules and tactical haemostatic dressings.

Tactical Medical 

Tactical Medical ( ): provides professional military medical products and tactical standard systems to military, organisations, police, fire and other law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Emergency Medical

Emergency Medical ( ): A one-stop sourcing platform and supplier for emergency rescue and emergency medical care, providing professional rescue and first aid solutions and services for families, hospitals and emergency departments.

With the business philosophy of "integrity, professionalism, stability and win-win", the company has always put the protection of customers' interests first and established an integrated production chain of research and development, manufacturing, education and training, rescue and first aid services.

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